3 Tips to Change Your Money Mindset

How Your Money Mindset Affects You


I still tend to worry about money. I DO have enough, I DO earn enough, but still.


Our life experiences affect our money mindset, which are subconscious thoughts and feelings towards money. Developing a bad money mindset can create a hurdle between you and your financial goals.


Since our thoughts control our actions, feeling stressed can hold you back.


In my personal experience, I have to learn to push those negative thoughts away. I am working on this with my current life situation:


We have to break our rental lease because we are planning to leave on our second round the world trip.


I should see it as a “ticket to freedom”, which is priceless. 


However the discussions, fighting and hassles have been getting to me. They upset me…A LOT!

I feel unfairly treated, and it’s not even about the amount money (2.600$) – it’s the principle that annoys me.

I DO have the 2.600$, but I hate to give it to them for “nothing” (for breaking a lease).


I’m even stressing my partner out about it. I’m looking at booking cheaper accommodations, trains and buses for our upcoming around the world trip. I’m scared to run out of money – even though this is really irrational.


I did participate in a money manifestation challenge last week and work constantly on the way I feel about money. I tried my best to believe in a way to find the funds.

Today I’ve shifted my money mindset!

I WANT to pay this money (I don’t “have to”) so we are able to experience Europe in the summer.

I DECIDED to actively end our lease earlier because we can’t wait to travel the world together.

I’m NOT a victim of my circumstances.


And guess what? 

  • I’ve signed up a new client today for 3 months of coaching.
  • I made a tax return calculation and as we leave during the financial year I will get $2.000 back.
  • My grandma offered to pay for my flight ticket to Europe.
  • I found out that I can get my annual leave paid out, which is $1.500.
  • I noticed that we will receive our last pay whilst we are already in Bali, so we can completely put those funds into our savings account.

I will be fine!


I have enough money saved for this trip, even if I don’t earn a single cent with my business during this year. And I WILL earn money with my coaching business and courses as well.

Invest into Yourself


I did invest in myself and it did come back to me!

What I invest into myself will ALWAYS come back to me!


I fully understand when you are afraid to invest into coaching! I’ve been there. The results seem “intangible” on many levels.

However, some things are hard to “price” as the results are priceless. 

Ask Yourself:

  • How much is it worth to you to turn your life around and find your own way to create a freedom lifestyle?
  • How much is it worth to you to quit your job and travel the world?
  • How much is it worth to you to create an online business that will provide an income wherever you are?

Change Your Money Mindset!

If your thoughts about money are negative, there are ways to change it around. Your thoughts and feelings towards money can be positive ones! I have written out 3 tips on how to change your negative money mindset to a productive and positive one.

1. Use Positive Affirmations



“I always attract money when I need it”

“Money comes to me easily and effortlessly”

“I have enough money for everything”

“I am abundant”

“My finances improve beyond my dreams”

2. Reframe Your Point of View

You don’t HAVE to pay the electricity bill.

But you can DECIDE that you are happy to purchase electricity to watch TV, charge your laptop and have lights.


You don’t HAVE to put money away for savings.

But you can DECIDE that you feel more relaxed knowing that you have money tucked aside for a rainy day.


You don’t HAVE to pay your rent.

But you can DECIDE that you enjoy where you live and like having a roof over your head and a place you can call home
(even if it is only temporary).

3. Think of New Income Sources

Don’t limit yourself. 


There are always several ways to attract more money and abundance in your life.

  • Offer a service to others in Facebook groups, or on Freelance websites, such as Upwork or Fivver
  • Sell something you don’t use anymore (clothes, handbags, books, etc.)
  • Get a casual job or help someone with moving, gardening, babysitting…
  • Does someone owe you money? Remind them about it and ask if they can pay you back
  • Is it time to start an on online business? Do you want to work from anywhere and leave your 9-5?

It’s time to turn your money mindset around and create a positive mindset! What will be your first step towards making the shift?


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