My Top 5 Lessons From $15K in 8 Days

I just finished launching a new program – Visibility Queen. I’ve learned some valuable lessons during the launch which I really want to share, I think you might just find some golden nuggets here.

Honestly, I haven’t used email marketing to its full potential for a long time – always a bit shy “to be annoying”. 
Because I know how MY email inbox looks like and I especially hate it, when people only message when they have something to sell, and otherwise you’ll never hear from them.

So here’s what I’ve learned during my last launch, that made me $15,000 in 8 days: 

1. Money is an exchange between value and value. Money is attracted to value. 

lessons from 15k in 8 days earning

Which means, the more value you provide, the more income you will receive.
Sounds so simple, and yet so many people focus on all the wrong things. 
Opening rates. 
Click rates. 
When to send what. 
How to phrase the first sentence to grab everyone’s attention. 
Which font to use…

I made a commitment for 2019 to provide more value than anyone else in the industry, especially via email. 
And that’s all it takes. No freaking out about the numbers. 
Become the most valuable person in your industry and you will be fine!
I have massive money goals for this year. My strategy to achieve them is VERY simple though: Be 4x more valuable.

2. Your true fans will stick with you and the rest have to go!

I was constantly worried about my unsubscribe rates in the past. 
I almost didn’t WANT to send another email, because I knew a small percentage does unsubscribe after every email I send out. 
So… maybe I’d rather stay quiet, to keep the people that don’t love my content stick around a little bit longer. 
Makes no sense when you say it out loud, right? 

You can NOT worry about unsubscribers. 
Let them go. 
They are not your die-hard fans anyway. 
Create space for the people who really WANT to read your emails. 
{You know, I pay money to Convertkit to be able to send this to you. So if you really don’t care, you actually are doing me a favour by unsubscribing.} 

3. “The money is in the list.”

Oh my… I hated this statement! 
I thought it’s wrong, old, I thought my Facebook group would be my number one source for clients. 
And honestly, maybe I was telling myself a story. 
Here’s the truth:

 All Visibility Queens who signed up have been on my email list since 3-8 months.

No one signed up via a post in this FB group (who wasn’t on my list already).
No one who just met me for the first time on the webinar signed up.

Guess where I’m going to provide tons of extra value in the future, because I know my ideal client can be found there?
The money IS in the list – because YOU who are reading this right now, are in the group of biggest fans, of ideal clients of soul sisters. 

Trust me, I am not on many email lists myself. Only on 3-4 that I REALLY get value off.

4. Your biggest fans might be quiet. They are like stars – you might not always see them, but they are always there. 

A couple of Visibility Queen have been silently following along for MONTHS. 
I didn’t know their names or their faces. 
And now, that they are in the program, they told me that they’ve been following me for a LOOOONG time, that they are SO excited to finally work with me, that I have been on their Vision Board! 

This is AMAZING!! But you will only find out if you keep going! 
Showing up consistently, even if you don’t get tons of engagement yet. Some people are just nut massive “engagers”. They watch, they read, they learn, they grow with you – but not everyone is telling you.

5. I didn’t hit my goal, but it’s perfect the way it is.

Honestly, my income goal for this launch was $30,000. 
I only hit half of this. 

Here’s the real lesson though: 

I’m not a tiny second mad or disappointed or unhappy about it. 
The group is PERFECT. 
I get to watch everybody’s videos, I get to KNOW everybody. 

It won’t stay like this forever. 
Once I will have 100+ people in my programs, I will make a bigger impact – however the 1:1 attention that every participant can receive will be way less. At some point you might join my course and I won’t even remember your name. {I’m honestly a bit scared of this}.

So here’s what old Susi would have done: 

– Complaining about not hitting her launch goal and “only” having 11 people in the program. Fully in “lack” and scarcity mode. 
– Later on, once I have 40+ people in my program, she would then complain that it’s just too many people to comment on everyone’s posts.

Here’s what new Susi does: 

– Celebrating every.single.soul that decided to invest money and time and faith into working with me! 
– Being proud for what I have achieved ($15k in 8 days!!) instead of focusing on what I haven’t achieved YET.
– Appreciating the group size and it’s UPSIDES. 
I get to focus on every single client, I get to answer every single question. One day, it won’t be like this anymore. And it will perfect too. Everything is always perfect the way it currently is. Everything always has Upsides and Downsides. The winners focus on the Upsides.

Also, during the last 2 weeks I received more email replies than EVER before. 
I’ve shared some stronger opinions and what I truly stand for, and the bolder it gets, the more people hit reply. 
And I LOVE this! 

I appreciate emails so much more when it doesn’t feel like a one way street. 
When I actually receive some energy in return. 
So PLEASE feel free to comment below or email at any time, as I am excited about every word that I receive and I read them all myself!

Lots of love!

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