Are You REALLY Ready For Your First Or Next Paying Client?

I mean… you have had Discovery Calls or free sessions, and you seem to hear the same excuses.


No money,
not the right time,
“I have to think about it”…


But are you actually READY for a “HELL YES?”



I remember my first “HELL YES” from a client.

I didn’t expect it.


It was the first time I had to say my prices out loud.

I expected a no.

A had an email prepared to ask for a testimonial for our free coaching session.


Do YOU have a process for a “NO” but no process for a “HELL YES”? 

???? That might be why you’re self sabotaging!!


Things you should have in place to attract “Hell Yes” clients:

⭐️ Your contract, ready to sign digitally.

(Don’t try to work this out AFTER your first client signs up!!)


⭐️ How to take payments.

Who have no PayPal business account yet? Are you really wondering why you don’t sign clients yet?

You aren’t even ready to get paid!


⭐️ TIME for the client calls.

Your week is already crazily full, and you’re far from being fully booked?

Busy with trainings, networking, free sessions, posting in Facebook groups…

If there’s no physical space in your calendar for client calls, you might sabotage signing those 5 clients!


⭐️ Your welcome pack and booking link for the first session.

Ever thought of this yet? What are you going to send your brand new client?



>> If you choose to think about all these things “once the client is there” you will NEVER feel READY for the clients to show up – because you simply are NOT!



It’s tricky enough to train your monkey mind to feel READY.

If you’re literally not ready because you haven’t prepared anything, your subconsciousness will VERY likely pick up on this.

Want to make 6-figures in your business?

>> This works for ANY level by the way.


Still doing your bookkeeping in an excel file?

This was me! #guilty


After my first $25k month a FINALLY asked an accountant if I can “keep running my bookkeeping like this” and she was… well let’s say “shocked” how I even dare to use the word bookkeeping for what I was doing. ?

If you want more clients and more money and a MASSIVE NEXT LEVEL for your business, do you have everything in place that would be needed?


I was stuck below $8,000 per month for SO long, whilst using the free version of Mailchimp and doing my bookkeeping in Excel.


?? Do you have a proper bookkeeping software?

?? Do you have a TEAM to support you when your audience explodes?

?? Do you have everything in place to prove to PayPal that you are a legit business, if you’re account gets blocked at $10,000?

?? Do you have an accountant?

?? Do you have the TOOLS and systems to run a 6-figure business?


If you wanna get to the next level,


you better get ready for the next level NOW.


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