The Right Questions to Ask Your Mentors

You could say I pay my mentor  $1,000 each week, for a 30-minute call.
That’s of course not quite how it works, as I actually pay her for the results she gets me & the space she holds for me, not the minutes she spends on a call with me. This is why it’s really important to spend the time wisely, asking the right questions of your mentors so you can adopt their 6-figure and 7-figure mindset.

the right questions to ask your mentors with Susi Kaeufer

But let’s look at it like this for a moment. What is the best use of your time? How will you make sure you are using your time wisely? What would you ask? Would you ask how to set up a funnel? What launch strategy to use for a million dollar launch? What to sell next?

There’s a massive difference in the quality of questions I experience with my own clients.

Clients who get epic results, ask me questions like this:

  • What are your beliefs about things not working out in your business?
  • How can I manifest my results even faster?
  • How can I reframe and change this story that’s holding me back?
  • What are the boundaries you have in place in your business?
  • What are your beliefs about mindset work, that make you jump out of bed and DO it at 5am each day?

Clients who get good or mediocre results, ask me questions like this:

  • What should I do next? What should I sell? What do you think about this idea?
  • What’s the best marketing hack? Should I do webinars?
  • I did XYZ but it wasn’t working. Why aren’t these things working for me?
  • What’s the price point I should sell this for? Is it too cheap?
  • My client dropped out and hasn’t paid me. What’s wrong with these people?

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⭐️  So back to my 30-minute call with my mentor Kathrin Zenkina.  ⭐️ 

Here are the questions I asked my mentor today:

1) When you sold out your 2020 retreat within 7 days, what were your thoughts and beliefs? How did you surrender the outcome and make this happen so easily?

2) How do you believe in the unbelievable?

3) How does “everything is happening FOR me” apply to loosing your partner in a car accident? Do you believe there are limits to this, or is EVERYTHING happening for our highest good?
What about stage 4 cancer? How can we be grateful and appreciative for things like that?

4) Do you ever fear losing your partner? How can I turn this fear into an empowering meaning?

Do you see how powerful this is?

I’m paying for high-level mentoring to get into someone’s mind that works the way I want my mind to work.
To understand how I want to think, feel, act.
Which beliefs I want to program into my subconscious mind next.
How I can get my inevitable success even faster.
To get a new perspective from someone, who already has what I’m in the process of creating.

So here the important questions to ask your mentor and what to keep in mind:
1) Pick your mentor
2) Ask yourself why they get different results than you (not in a “beating yourself up” way. This is NOT about you not being good enough).
3) Model their beliefs, thoughts, and actions.

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