The Daily Inner Work to Become Rich

It's the daily inner work.
I'm not talking daily "hustle".
I'm not talking journaling in the form of "Dear Diary..."
I very often struggle to get my point across when it comes to the massive internal transformation I went through, which allowed me to become a 6-figure business owner in 1.5 years.

I decided and declared, that I'm only writing and speaking to the people who GET it.

So, if you don't understand why someone would get up at 6 am to grab a journal and spend 2 hours on expanding their mindset, keep scrolling.

I'm not going to explain this anymore for people who just think they should spend all their time working and this part doesn't really matter. Good luck.

I'm talking to YOU,

Who's always growing, spending your money on seminars and personal development books;
Who's HUNGRY for more;
The one who's CRAVING to create an extraordinary life;
Who has a vision, so big that you don't dare to share it at family get-togethers;
And who doesn't need the motivation to get shit done, but rather a permission slip to slow down.

What matters most, isn't to do more, more, more.

It's the daily practise, the daily inner work of being who you want to become.
Instead of being guided by fear,
instead of being guided by "Where the money comes from",
I tap into questions that change my thinking every day.

If I would already have a million dollar in the bank, plus $50,000 reoccurring income every single month,
- What would my thoughts be?
- What would my feelings be?
- How would I be different as a person?
- How would I show up differently, with a whole new level of certainty, confidence, and gratitude?
- What kind of action would I be taking today to spread my message and be of service?

And then I do this.
I think like this.
I feel like this.

And I adjust myself a tiny little bit more every single day. That's my inner work.

It does nothing for you if you only do it for 2 days and then give up because you don't see immediate results.
It does a LOT for you if you do it 365 days a year.

The journaling prompts don't matter.
YOU can do this.
If you would already have everything you wanted, how would you go through your day? How would you treat the person at the cashier?
Also, how would you treat the homeless person on the street?

How would you treat YOURSELF on a daily basis?
Would you take excellent care of yourself, because you'd feel like you deserve it?
Guess what, you deserve it already, now.

Consistency is key.

You want to train your brain in a way that you're constantly reflecting on how you are showing up.
How do you think?
How do you react to things?
What kind of offers do you create, and what's your motivation to do so? Is it soul-aligned, or are you looking for a short cut to make some quick cash?

So this goes WAY beyond your daily journaling practise.
Your journaling practice is where you figure it all out.
How would I be different?
What would you be, do and have?
How do you react when things seemingly don't work out?

Then comes the action part.
That's how you do the inner work.
That's how you shape yourself.
Every. Single. Day.


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